Due to the limited availability of unadulterated bentonite deposits in the world, it is not always possible to provide bentonite with the desired high properties. For this reason, it is necessary to modify low quality calcium bentonite with special additives in order to be used in the market and thus a cost-effective bentonite is obtained. Bentonite clay, bentonite beds and other products are among the products produced within KarBen Bentonite.

Our product, which is fully compliant with API 13A Part 9 specifications, is used to increase viscosity and reduce fluid loss in water-based drilling fluids. It is a cost-effective method used to achieve viscosity, fluid loss control and filter cake quality in freshwater and seawater muds. Thanks to its prominent structure among the world’s bentonite reserves, KarBen Bentonite serves with bentonite quarries thanks to its raw material structure suitable for segmentation.


It is a clay mineral complying with API 13 A Modified Bentonite standards. Sodium content and contains at least 90% montmorillonite. Contains special KarBen Bentonite Chemicals. It has high swelling capacity. Complies with TS EN 13500 Part 9 Bentonite Specification. Complies with TS 977 Type-1 standards. Easily disperses and does not clump when mixed with water.

Analysis Values

Physical Properties

600 rpm reading Fan 35 viscometer at30 min.
Filtration amount15 ml. max.
Yield90 bbl. min.
Moisture 10% max. (by weight)
Wet sieve analysis200 Mesh (75 mic.) sieve top 2,5% max. (by weight)
Yield point plastic viscosity ratio (Yp/Pv) 3 max.

Chemical Properties

SiO2 = 61.28 %
Al2O3 = 17.79 %
Fe2O3 = 3.01 %
CaO = 4.54 %
Na2O = 2.70 %
MgO = 2.10 %
K2O = 1.24 %

Our Advantages

Our products from our bentonite mines are above API production standards because they are sodium based.
It responds to all industrial bentonite needs with its drilling stabilizing structure and quality features.
It increases the well cleaning capacity of drilling fluids, minimizes costs with bentonite and provides cost advantage.
The product properties of our bentonite mine have low fluid loss due to its sodium-based nature.
It is sensitive to the environment, the basic properties and natural structure of bentonite resources provide this feature.
It minimizes the dusting of bentonite clay and the anti-conversion structure it releases.


Complies with the content of API 13 A Section 9 certification.

  • TS EN ISO 13500 Section 9
  • TS EN 1536
  • It has achieved certification qualifications in TS EN 1538 segments and highlights the quality of bentonite raw material and production.


Our bentonite mine is available in 50 kg kraft paper bags (with or without pallet).

  • Packaging options are available in 1000-1200 kg bigbag segment.
  • Silobus is one of the options used within KarBen.
    Important Note:
  • Please get technical information from our R&D laboratory according to the product feature you produce. The information you will convey to us before purchasing related products may carry elements that will change the standards of the sector where bentonite mineral will be used. Benefit from KarBen Bentonite consultancy in this regard.
  • TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) standards are a one-to-one adaptation of American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.