KarBen Natural Bentonite (Non-treated)

It is a clay mineral being up to standards of API 13 A ( Nontreated bentonite )

It has Sodium based content and contains at least 90 % montmorillonite. It is completely natural ,contains not even one type additive. It has high swelling capacity ( 15-20 times by volume)

It is in conformity with TS EN 13500 Nontreated Bentonite Specifications.

It easily disperses and doesn’t become lumpy when it is added to water.


Physical Characteristics

600 RPM Reading, fann 35 viscometer30 min.
Filtration Volume12,5 cc max.
Yield80 bbl. min.
Moisture content%12 max.
Residue on 200 mesh wet screen analysis%2,5max. (by weight)
Yield Point Plastic Viscosity ratio (Yp/Pv)1,5 max.
Dispersed Plastic Viscocity (5 ml. 10 % of sodium hexametaphosphate added and than aged at room temp.)10 cp min.
Aged YP*/PV*, normal (YP/PV) ratio (Slury aged at 345 F° on 200 psi for 16 dynamic conditions and cool at room temp.)1,5 min.
Normal YP*/PV*, disperse YP**/PV** ratio (Disperse values is measured at 3% of H2O2 solution)3 max.
SiO2= 61.28 %
Al2O3= 17.79 %
Fe2O3= 3,01 %
CaO= 4,54 %
Na2O= 2.70 %
MgO= 2.10 %
K2O= 1.24 %
  • 50 kg multilayer paper bags , loose and palletised.
  • 1000 kg-1200 kg bigbags.
  • By Silo Trailer.
  • While preparing cement suspensions, natural bentonite KAR-BEN must be mixed to water first and at least after two hours cement should be added.
  • It is recommended to add 0,3% – 0,7% (Of solid material added) Sodium phosphate or 5 % sodium silicate to the cement suspensions, considering the application aim, depending the heat of the used water.
  • It is more effective and economic to get enough natural bentonite KAR-BEN suspension ready at the beginning of the work.