In recent years, the most preferred product of the pet industry is Bentonite. Cat feces and urine can be cleaned with bentonite. Bentonite is relatively light compared to cat litter. It makes the use of paws in cats feel better. Ordinary cat litter and condensed cat litter are natural gravel as raw materials, feces return to nature in a short time thanks to bentonite.

The most important market for absorbent clays such as sepiolite, bentonite, attapulgite is cat litter.

The most important characteristics of the clay to be used in this sector are absorption rate, bulk density, and the size of the granules. The absorption capacity of the clay to be used should be high and its granule size should be 1 – 6 mm. The clays used as cat litter are divided into two as heavy clays(Bentonite) and light clays (Sepiolite, Attapulgite). Light clays have the 70% of the european cat litter market.

Advantage 1, super fast moisture absorption and good clumping. It can be in a very short period of time to quickly suck out the urine of pets, feces in the water; moisture up to 200%-350% of their own weight and still maintain the appearance of dry. 2. Smell effect is medium, easy to clean and add. 3, strong antibacterial. Because the cat litter box dry, reducing the breeding of bacteria. If you use antimicrobial cat litter, but also has a bactericidal effect. 4.Cheap, easy to buy, the most easily accepted and used by the cat. 5.Easy to handle. Bentonite cat litter do easy agglomerate, leaving no trace, no dust, light weight, less garbage, need to clean up and added new cat litter every day.can be handled when the ordinary garbage; family easy to use, safe.