Thanks to its pure, homogeneous and natural structure, KarBen Bentonites are used in long-lasting structures, sealing curtain and impermeable wall construction, impermeable building wall construction and load-resistant building walls, bored pile applications, TBMs, injection processes.



* When KarBen Bentonites are added to cement grout or mortar; It keeps the cement particles and sand suspended during mixing and injection and ensures the stability of the mortar. It minimizes the separation of water in the cement-water mixture.

*When mixed with cement grouts, it increases the degree of penetration into fine grained alluvium. Thus, cement wastage is prevented. Mixtures with KarBen Bentonite act like a fluid, when mixing is stopped, a homogeneous hardening occurs and high strength is achieved. It is resistant to chemical effects and groundwater.

*When 6% KarBen Bentonite grout is injected into the wet sand, the strength of the mixture increases.

* Mixtures with KarBen Bentonite are not affected by sulfate salts. Good results are obtained when used in conjunction with phosphates or silicates if there is a large amount of salt and lime in groundwater.

* When 5% sodium silicate is added to KarBen Bentonite sherbet, it is observed that gelation begins in the mixture at an increasing rate after the injection.

*If a small amount of natural KarBen Bentonite is added when clay-cement grout is used to fill large voids, the penetration and suspending ability of the grout is greatly increased.

* KarBen Bentonite – cement-water mixtures can also be used for grouting alluviums with a permeability of less than 10-1 cm/sec by using chemical additives.

* KarBen Bentonite acts as a lubricant and reduces friction in works such as sinking pontoons, driving curtains and foundation piles.

*In order to block the cracks in the walls made to prevent water infiltration, KarBen Bentonite is mixed with water at a ratio of 1/1 and plastered with a trowel and tarred.

* KarBen Bentonite can be used to fill cracks by mixing sand with a neutral organic liquid such as kerosene. When the gaseous mixture comes into contact with water, it forms a thick and strong gel.

*For invisible cracks, a mixture containing 5% KarBen Bentonite is pumped into the crack with a special injection pump.

KarBen Bentonites, which are used in numerous projects in Turkey and the World, have been the only bentonite used in the EURASIA TUNNEL project thanks to their unrivaled properties.