Bentonite is widely used in the printing and coating industry due to its excellent properties such as thixotropy, viscosity, and suspension. In printing, bentonite is used as a suspending agent to prevent sedimentation and improve the ink’s stability.

Karben Bentonite is a high-quality bentonite that provides superior performance in water-based coatings and printing inks. It has a high montmorillonite content, which gives it superior suspending properties and high adsorption capabilities.

One of the major issues in printing is slow-drying ink that can cause smudging and blotting. Karben Bentonite has a high anionic charge, which allows it to absorb and stabilize the ink’s pigments and extenders. This property ensures that the ink dries quickly, preventing blotting and smudging.

In addition, Karben Bentonite provides excellent thixotropy, which is the ability of the material to change from a gel-like state to a more fluid state when agitated. This property reduces the risk of sedimentation and dripping and ensures that the ink stays in suspension.

BentonitFurthermore, Karben Bentonite has a low shear viscosity, which makes it ideal for use as a thickener in printing inks and water-based coatings. It can also prevent the collapse of the ink or coating during application and drying, improving the final product’s quality.

Overall, Karben Bentonite is an excellent choice for the printing and coating industry due to its superior suspending, stabilizing, and thickening properties. Its unique properties can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of printing and coating processes, ensuring a high-quality final product.