ЭКОЛОГИЧЕСКИЕ СЕКТОРЫ (очистка сточных вод)

Bentonite products are widely utilized in the field of wastewater treatment and purification, owing to their superior adsorption and absorption properties. The adsorption process involves the attraction of molecules to the surface of the bentonite particles, while the absorption process involves the diffusion of impurities into the pores of the bentonite. The use of bentonite in environmental applications is highly recommended by regulatory agencies, as its low permeability makes it an effective sealing material in the construction and rehabilitation of landfills and other waste containment facilities, protecting the groundwater from contamination.

Bentonite is also a key component of geosynthetic clay liners, which serve as an active protective barrier in waste containment structures. The smectite clay-minerals present in bentonite, specifically montmorillonite, have a large reactive surface area when dispersed in water. The negatively charged clay minerals have the ability to adsorb cationic components, such as heavy metals and organic compounds, making them highly effective in removing contaminants from wastewater. Additionally, bentonite can act as a coagulant, causing impurities to clump together for easier removal.

Overall, the natural properties of bentonite make it an essential component in wastewater treatment and purification, playing a critical role in protecting the environment and public health