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الإنتاج القائم على البنتونيت ، والمواد الخام ، وتوصيات البحث والتطوير والاقتصاد لصناعة البناء بعد الزلزال

الإنتاج القائم على البنتونيت ، والمواد الخام ، وتوصيات البحث والتطوير والاقتصاد لصناعة البناء بعد الزلزال

Earthquake is a fact of our life, just like the economy, but it is an undeniable reality that the cost-concerned losses are many times more than the risk costs in this process. The building stock in our country and the laws affecting it are in constant motion. We face this reality with every disaster. Even though we know that our job is mining, the studies we have done and supported show that these applications, which are costly for now, minimize the risks, even if most of them are pilot applications or in projects with very large budgets.

KarBen Bentonite studies on the effects of the use of bentonite in construction technologies on building statics show us the results that the strength has increased by 6 times. In addition, when we need to elaborate on the subject in articles, the following results emerge;.

1- Construction sand and bentonite clay are one of the best combinations thanks to their water absorption capacity and low hydraulic conductivity.

2- Bentonite; It assumes one of the most active roles in protecting the foundation (structure)

3- When climatic changes, infrastructure and soil differences, different heat and natural effects are observed, bentonite sand and cement mixtures prevent drying, shrinkage and crack formation.

4- Although bentonite itself is from the clay group, it increases the strength and stabilization on clayey surfaces in the mixtures mentioned.

5- Bentonite, which is used in sufficient amount, absorbs water and swells, preventing the possible filling of the building gaps and the formation of cracks in hot seasons.

Thus, the granular material increases its strength and stabilization, while eliminating the gaps between the fines and reducing the rate at which water passes through soil or porous rock. These are the initial solutions to the fundamental problems we face in construction technologies and column structures.

Studies that we support and follow (sand-cement-bentonite or bentonite-glass fiber etc.) show us that; Increasing the strength and finding solution methods that will eliminate the problems in structural cracks are the main targets of KarBen Bentonite. It is our biggest dream to transform the studies carried out in our country from university chairs to producing and acting systems of the economy. We want the world’s best quality Bentonite raw material to become a workable and sustainable product, to increase the number of facilities that will invest in this issue, and to support R&D activities in the existing facilities in this way. We are of the same opinion that the demands of our works and the networks we contacted should be heard in a workshop or similar organizations, both to the managers and to the ordinary citizens.

Our main wish is to bring the painful disaster we experienced in our country to the economy by scientific methods, without worrying about cost and by adding added value to the raw material. At this point, we once again remind our valued followers and readers that we are with you for all kinds of networks. For this reason, we are aiming for a union that will be formed with the vision of INVESTMENT, NOT HELP, where both academics, sector representatives and all stakeholders from other sectors will act jointly. It is our wish to contribute to all the remarkable works you have and to participate in a sustainable formation.

For a right future, let’s not run away from the cost and the facts…